Serwis www Schroniska Młodzieżowego PTSM „Alko” w Rzeszowie
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SM PTSM      Modzieżowe PTSM Hostel Rzeszow is located in the Market Square in the historic building "Alko", which before World War II had its headquarters factory liquors, rosolisów, rum and cognac.Building on a modest neoclassical facade dates from the late seventeenth century and was expanded in the nineteenth century. In the annexe is a Conference Room with fireplace and facilities kuchenno - the bar.      Reception hostel is situated on the ground floor and on the first and second floor are rooms for accommodation. Our guests rooms: - 2 - bed (with or without bathroom) - 3 - bed (with or without bathroom) - 4 - bed (with or without bathroom) - 9 - bedded      hostel is located next to the entrance to the underground attractive route desk. However, in the beautiful basement shelter located on two floors is the ability to organize the trips, camps and other itinerant groups clubs, meetings and events. Railway and bus station is about 700 meters hostels




Available at the hostel:

- Free computer access to the Internet,

- Free WiFi internet access.